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Wellmark Offers a Wide Range of Laser Printer Consumables at Affordable Prices

Wellmark Print Technology, founded in 2010, is a Bangalore-based provider of laser printer consumables under their brand name Wellmark. Wellmark employs skilled technicians, an R&D team, and a delivery team. With customer satisfaction as their motto, Wellmark strives to provide quality consumables at affordable prices. Wellmark’s wide range of laser printer consumables includes laser toner powders, toner cartridges, cartridge parts, and printer machine parts. Wellmark also provides copier machine parts.

Mr. Nilesh, Proprietor of Wellmark, comments, “Quality at affordable prices and a wide range of products are our main merits. Currently, most of our customers come from Karnataka and South Indian states. Before March 2020 Covid lockdown, we were growing at an annual rate of 15-20%. After Covid started, there has been a dip in our sales because of lockdowns and the restriction of movement of goods in several states. We hope things will get back to normal by Aug 2021 as the Covid cases started coming down and that business will get back to the previous levels. For the rest of 2021, we want to focus on whatever we have been doing so far. In 2022, if the situation gets better, we may think of adding new products.”

Wellmark is a certified company dedicated to continuously improving its safety procedures to provide products that will cause minimal damage to the environment and the brand uses only eco-friendly equipment in its manufacturing processes.

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