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Aftermarket Toner Share Increases: Report from Virtulytix

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Aftermarket suppliers have captured 33% of monochrome toner shipments worldwide and about 25% of revenue, and have also made gains in the color space, according to a report from Virtulytix.

In its 2018 Global Toner Cartridge Forecast, Virtulytix examines the $60 billion worldwide toner cartridge market across 24 laser and multifunction printer segments. Aftermarket sellers have approximately 13% of color shipments and OEMs maintain over 87% of revenues in this space and the share of OEMs is declining, according to Virtulytix. Aftermarket companies are increasing their technological prowess, and their cartridges are beginning to rival OEMs in print quality, the report found.

The 2018 Global Toner Cartridge Forecast uses historical data from 2014-17 to help predict the shape of the toner market around the world to 2022; this data includes actual and forecasted unit shipments, growth rates, revenue, average selling prices, and printer installed base for each cartridge type.

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