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Avision Launches World’s First Self–Service Copier

by Imaging Solution Bureau

AVISION, a Taiwan-headquartered and world’s leading imaging company that designs and produces image scanners and multifunction printers, has launched their world’s first self-service copier that makes it easier and convenient for users to Copy, Print and Pay via mobiles. This innovative device helps mobile printing, cloud printing, USB printing and ID card copying while at office or on the go. It is a multi-function product integrating mobile pay and copy/mobile print features into a single unit. Without the need for any device or personnel, one can access all the services from Avision’s self-service copier’s touch-screen panel. The company is planning to install their Self-Service Copiers PAN India by November 2019.

Features: 1. The Self-Service Copier has 4.3”colour touch-screen display that makes it easier for the user to operate; 2. It produces professional quality at impressive print and deliver at the speed of approx 30 copies per minute; 3. It has high-yield 4,000-page toner cartridges and a large capacity tray of up to 250 sheets of paper; 4. The device is well equipped with the available 4G Wi-Fi hotspot that offers great signal quality without the need of connecting an Ethernet cable; and 5. Users can pay through UPI supported mobile wallets and the machine supports over 90% mobile wallets in India.

For Copying& ID Card Copying: 1. Scan the document; 2. Avision SSC generates Payment QR code for users to confirm the payment amount; 3. Pay through UPI-supported mobile wallets; 4. Copying is done

For Mobile Printing: 1. Open ‘Avision SSC’ APP through the user’s mobile phone; 2. Upload the file to Avision Cloud service system; 3. Avision SSC generates Payment QR code for users to confirm the payment amount; 4. Pay through UPI supported mobile wallets; 5. Mobile printing is done.

For USB Printing: 1. Plug in USB Disk; 2. Select the file from Avision SSC’s screen; 3. Avision SSC generates Payment QR code for users to confirm the payment amount; 4. Pay through UPI-supported mobile wallets; 5. USB Printing is done.

Unique Benefits: 1. The copier allows the user to copy/print at anytime of the day; 2. It reduces the administrative cost to handle payment problem; 3. It allows the user to pay online, thereby, reducing the need of cash in hand; 4. It allows the users to print directly from the portable devices like smartphone, tablet, etc.

Commenting on the launch, Ms. Claire Sung, Marketing Head, Avision, said, “To meet the ever growing demand of mobile pay, we have innovated Avision Self-Service Copier and Printer to make online payment, copying and printing easier for the users in a self-service environment. It is ideal for school campus, library, hotels and hospitality businesses, retail stores, copy and print shops, to name a few. India is a very big market and is also a fast growing economy, so we see a lot of opportunity in India. Right now no other brand offers the features, like mobile paying, etc present in our Avision SSC, so we are expecting a great opportunity for this printer. Initially, we are going to install this printer in all the universities, hotels, etc free of cost; just the company has to allow us to install. Within a year we want to install 3000 copiers in different cities in India and want to sell over 10,000 machines within 3 years time.”

According to Arsh, India Channel Sales Head, Avision-India, briefed, “Avision Self-Service Copier and Printer offers users a more convenient and secure way to pay and access services. Also, it helps the business owners in reducing the labor costs as the user doesn’t need personnel near the device while operating it. We will be launching several new models of this device for different user needs in the coming months and years. No other MFP in the market currently offers the kind of features our device offers. Further, it is very easy operate, convenient to access, allows printing remotely and in real-time. All these features make the Avision SSC, the most advanced and unique device in its category. We are expecting very good demand for this copier in the Indian market.”

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