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Brother-Sister duo driving the Aryan Brand in right direction

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Young generation are stepping into their father’s shoes and taking over the reins of the family business. There are some who would rather make the journey by themselves. But some people are joining his father’s company has always been his dream; there are several such person who handle father’s business in a better and highly managed way. Aryan Goel President, and Tanya Goel, Vice President, are the new generation brother-sister duo which is driving the Aryan Trade World Private Ltd (ATWPL) today. Their strength has originated from the teaching, guidance, knowledge and last but not the least, the inspiration they drew from their father, Sunil Goel, the founder of ATWPL.

Aryan brand is now a well-known name in the imaging industry, with long-term collaborations with the leading companies like TTI. Whether it is a popular running model or an odd item that is difficult to find, you can expect to find it at Aryan. When it comes to imaging consumables, Aryan maintains High inventory compared to most other importers, wholesalers or manufacturers; Widest range of quality products at best prices; Availability of excellent after-sales-service; Quick delivery time and the most innovative schemes for all their regular buyers These among others are the few merits Aryan brand has cultivated with consistency over the past 15 years, maintaining a high rank in the industry.

Aryan Goel has proved to be a great businessman from the time he stepped in. Now, as the President of ATWPL, Aryan has efficiently taken control of the reigns of the business. He quickly learnt the ways of the business and currently expanding the company presence across India. Aryan’s strong and charming personality has allowed him to motivate his team to work together and increase the market share of the business.

His exposure gave him the necessary skills to have an edge over others in the competitive imaging consumables market. Even at a young age, he has developed a long-term vision for the company. He has already increased company sales by 57% and has set higher targets to be achieved in the coming years.

“ATWPL has an indubitable business philosophy that lays stress on absolute customer satisfaction by offering them with cost-effective and integrated solutions. With a moral approach based on professional service, the company makes continuous efforts to offer best value to the end user at every step simultaneously complying with all environmental requirements,” said, Aryan Goel.

Tanya Goel joined the marketing department of ATWPL after completing her education. Her keen business sense and innovative approach make her the best fit as the Vice President at ATWPL. At present, Tanya is actively involved in Accounting, Marketing, HR and Public Relations in the company and she believes accounts plays a key role in any business, an attitude which she learnt from her father.

“It is important to build their confidence and understand and play with their core strengths. Standing up for what you believe is right, questioning the status quo; determination and hard work are a few key aspects that have helped me successfully overcome challenges. Being open to taking on new challenges and not shying away from taking bold decisions when required are also very important to succeed in the corporate world,” said, Tanya Goel.

Being highly ambitious, she has maintained a steady performance as VP and is striving to get better with time. Her advt. campaigns won her many awards and accolades. She won the Young Generation award followed by the Business Woman of the year award and best advertising campaign award.


Aryan and Tanya both agree that their success would have been impossible, had it not been for the emotional support of their mother, who stood by them when times were difficult and they were just starting out. She gave them the inspiration and courage needed to become the successful people they are now. And the financial support and precious knowledge of their father, who has always been leading them in the right direction and passing his years of experience in the trading business, played a key role in their continued success.

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