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Canon India Redefines Data Sharing and Management with ‘Therefore Online’

by Imaging Solution Bureau

In the changed market scenario, remote working is intensifying across industries, adoption of digital or online communication, cloud storage and collaboration services have emerged as essential technologies. Staying true to its credo of ‘Business Can Be Simple’ and recognizing the dynamic shifts in the business environment in such unprecedented times, Canon India, one of the leading digital imaging company, is re-emphasizing the need of digitization and document management solutions.

In this new normal of working from home Canon India is aiming to simplify scanning of documents, access to documents and sharing of documents across stakeholders with its complete range of digitization solutions. For easy scanning of documents from anywhere at any time Canon’s range of portable scanners comes into play. But the game changers in these time is proving to be Canon’s cloud based document management solution that lets you access and share the scanned documents easily.

Recognizing the cloud adoption as an integral element for business transformation in these changing times, Canon’s ‘Therefore Online’ efficiently allows to capture, secure, manage, access, analyze and automate information on the web or on the go. To top up the benefits, ‘Therefore Online’ can be configured and customized to suit any departmental need or process, leading to streamlined operations, increased productivity, and higher customer satisfaction. Companies are using ‘Therefore’ across their different departments like human resources, manufacturing, customer services, logistics, finance etc.

With Canon’s ‘Therefore Online,’ companies not only get state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure but also a great information management system. ‘Therefore Online’ is regionally hosted through Microsoft Azure, a top provider of Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms. Furthermore, it also automates core business processes with its powerful workflow engine and ensures that multiple people can work simultaneously on a process (depending on the type of license). The solution efficiently optimizes all the processes involved in workflow, cutting down considerable time and effort spent on storing and calling up reports, boosting productivity across the board. Many companies such as Uber India are using Canon’s ‘Therefore Online’ to successfully streamline their information management processes.

Ensuring that the customer’s data is always safe, ‘Therefore Online’ has two datacenters, hosted on Microsoft Azure. The primary datacenter is in South India (Chennai) and the secondary datacenter in Central India (Pune). The reason behind ‘Therefore Online’ following a geo-redundant format is to build a large, geographical network that provides resiliency against natural disasters, catastrophic events, or other glitches that can cause network outages resulting in data hampering or leaks.

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