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China’s Imaging Consumables Manufacturers Limping Back to Work

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Following the shutdown and disruption to businesses and factories across the entirety of China due to the deadly coronavirus there are signs manufacturers are getting back to work. Most businesses have been closed and all individuals have been mandated to stay quarantined at home across the country for more than 30 days. The impact on individuals, companies, corporations and government is expected to cost China hundreds of billions of dollars but some economists predict it may only have a short term effect. It all depends on government support and action and the ability for business to resume quickly.

The unexpected outbreak has also caused some anxiety in the printing supplies industry both within and outside of China. Whatever impacts a large economy—like the US or China being the two largest global economies—will have a ripple effect right across the globe. Manufacturers in China are concerned about losing their international customers while buyers outside of China anxiously await the passage of supplies from their China partners.

The disease seems to have been brought under control. Companies and factories in some districts are able to apply to the government for a permit to restart their businesses.
A survey of 129 Chinese company in the imaging equipment and supplies industry has been taken on the pace each is making to restart their businesses and factories. According to the feedback received, over 50 companies and/or factories have met government requirements and have restarted operations. Many others are still closed but this is changing on a daily basis.

There is every reason to believe more companies will resume their businesses and factory operations in the near future as the war against the coronavirus continues to be won. The government is being very strict about permitting companies restarting and each is expected to be able to comply with stringent requirements to ensure the virus cannot strike again.

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