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Divide By Zero Launches AION500 MK3 Fast 3D Printer

by Imaging Solution Bureau

The 3D printer manufacturer, Divide By Zero, has unveiled the AION500 MK3 – the fastest polymer extrusion based 3D Printer in the world, at the Automotive Engineering Show in Chennai.

Speaking at the launch, CEO & Founder Swapnil Sans are expressed “3D printing technology has been in the industry for the past 30 years and we all are fascinated by its potential, however, speed has been a drawback – until today. AION500 MK3 is 3X faster than conventional CNC machines. The printing speed is 10x more than any polymer extrusion-based platform anywhere in the world. Basically, you can now print the anatomical model of a human skull in minutes. Companies need not wait for a week for their orders when they can have it in mere hours.” He adds “The RoI for this machine is barely 4 months”.

Powered with DBZ’s revolutionary Patented ‘AFPM’ Technology AION500 MK3 can print 10X faster than any 3D printer without losing on mechanical properties, surface finish, and accuracy. Years of research has helped the team at DBZ to develop a high-speed, high throughput 3D printing solution which is built to revolutionize the industry worldwide and overcome the barriers of speed, time and cost.

This is a breakthrough which the Rapid Prototyping industry was yearning for since last decade. Another unexplored arena is the demand for customized ‘Jigs and Fixtures’. 3D Printing has the potential of radically changing the face of on-demand JIG – Fixture manufacturing but due to the questions related to speed, strength, and affordability, this industry wasn’t able to reap the benefits. However, this Next-Gen Industrial Grade Workhorse has the power to complete the old school 3D Printing and actually make Rapid Prototyping ‘Rapid’.

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