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Ecoflex to Install Automatic Taiwanese Machines that Deliver World Class Quality Packaging Materials

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Today packaging plays an important role in bolstering the image of a brand—first, the packaging has to be strong without leakages, and second, it should look pleasant and attractive. Ecoflex Packaging provides world-class packaging materials such as plastic bottles, jars, closures, and caps for the imaging consumables brands for packaging inks, toners, etc, and also for the needs of several other industries like pharma, cosmetics, and food, which are strong as well as attractive. Mr. Harvinder Singh, Proprietor of Delhi-based Ecoflex Packaging (founded in 2012), shares their company’s product strategy and market reach.

Mr. Harvinder Singh shares, “Our packing materials are used by many companies from different industries such as imaging, pharma, personal care, agrochemicals, food, etc for packaging their products. Many companies from the Imaging Industry purchase our containers for packaging printer toners, inks, etc. We offer top-quality packaging materials at affordable prices with beautiful designs. Cosmetic and pharma industries demand high-quality bottles and we do deliver the quality standard they need. We give the same high quality to our client companies in the imaging industry too. The latest development with us is soon we are installing automatic bottle-making machines from a reputed manufacturer in Taiwan. These machines deliver higher quality, a higher number of units, and several models. Our products already have over 99.9% reliability and with the new machines, our quality and reliability levels will reach very close to 100%.”
Ecoflex’s innovative and solid packaging solutions are made using cutting-edge technology and a customer-focused approach. The company offers a wide range of containers of different sizes and designs according to the customer needs using a variety of plastic resins, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), and low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

Elaborating on the new machines they are going to install, Mr. Harvinder Singh adds, “Production through our new Taiwanese machines and delivery to our Indian customers will commence by Sep 2021. These machines will eliminate even the minor deviations in the thickness, size, and fit and deliver world-class quality. We will deliver the products produced by the new machines at the same old prices, which will be good value addition.”
Ecoflex’s products are tested stringently at every stage of the production process for efficacy, reliability, and quality and so Ecoflex products display robust fabrication, high durability, resistance to high temperatures, attractive and appropriate shapes, good moisture & abrasive resistance, etc.

Mr. Harvinder Singh further clarifies, “We use virgin materials from reputed companies and so our containers do not leak and the finishing is very well-shaped and accurate. Currently, we are growing at an annual rate of around 25%. Make in India is a good program launched by the Indian government, however, we have to be procured the machines from abroad as such machines are not available in India. Though we have customers pan India, we are stronger in North India with nearly 80% market share in the field we are operating, and we want to increase our presence in South and West India regions in the coming years.”

Before developing the products, Ecoflex’s design team evaluates the specific needs of the customer in detail to gain a clear understanding of the desired product. Then they prepare the product development document that clearly defines the project objectives along with the constraints that need to be considered. The product development strategy of Ecoflex includes monitoring the production process through a series of stages to meet the specifications of a particular customer’s design needs.

“Many new business partners and clients join our clientele every year. We continually innovate the quality and designs of our products. We want to make our plant fully automated bringing down the manual intervention to minimum levels in the coming years. With the encouraging response we are getting from the market, we are planning to expand further in the coming years,” concludes Mr. Harvinder Singh.
Today, more and more companies are converting their traditional pressure-sensitive labels into shrink-sleeve labels. Ecoflex is also an expert in providing shrink sleeve labels, which is one of the fastest-growing segments in the label industry. Ecoflex gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, quality of the products, innovative approach, excellent extrusion quality, timely delivery, etc. The company has a nationwide distribution network, the ability to meet bulk orders, and offers various designs &types within tight timelines, according to the specific customer requirements.

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