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Epson High-Capacity Ink Tank Inkjet Printers Reach Cumulative Global Sales of 40 million Units

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Epson announced that cumulative global sales of its high-capacity InkTank inkjet printers have crossed 40 million units.

In India alone, Epson has sold in excess of 3.5 million InkTank printers since its launch in 2011. In India, as per IDC’s Hard Copy Peripherals (HCP) Quarterly market report (2019 Q2), Epson sold 415,750 inkjet printers in H1 CY 2019 to lead the market. Epson captured 48.6% of the Inkjet market by volume and 56.8% in value, while HP followed with a volume market share of 29.9 % and value share of 23.5%.

Canon lagged behind at 18 % volume share. Epson has been the leader in the Inkjet market since 2017. Epson first launched high-capacity ink tank inkjet printers in October 2010, in Indonesia, and by 2018 had expanded into some 150 countries and regions.

By first establishing a presence in emerging markets and then making inroads into developed economies, Epson has seen its high-capacity ink tank models account for a growing percentage of the total inkjet market each year. As a result, Epson, which boasts strong brand recognition and an extensive product lineup, has continued to maintain the top share* in the high-capacity ink tank printer market worldwide for nine consecutive years.

In 2019, Epson will accelerate the transition from ink cartridge printers to high-capacity ink tank printers by continuing to highlight the latter’s formidable advantage in terms of cost per print and environmental performance. The company will also speed up the replacement of laser printers by strengthening its lineup of blazingly fast and durable office inkjets that allow users in all segments to print freely without worrying about costs.

Through these efforts, Epson plans to sell 10.2 million high-capacity ink tank printers worldwide in FY2019 – an increase of 13% compared to the previous fiscal year. This is expected to account for about 64% of total inkjet printer sales in Epson. In India alone, Epson aims to sell approximately 960,000InkTank printers in 2019-20.

“This is a significant milestone for Epson and a testimony to the popularity of our printers worldwide. In India we have been consistently leading the Inkjet printer market. Our in-depth understanding of the Indian market and the consumer has helped us deliver the best products and solutions for consumers in the home, office & commercial segments. Our EcoTank printers are both Economical and Eco-friendly and our consumers appreciate this. We will continue to offer unique value and solutions to delight our customers” said, Siva Kumar, Senior General Manager, Inkjet Printers at Epson India.

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