G&G Launched Compatible Solution for Canon’s GPR51, 53, 55 and 57 Series...

G&G Launched Compatible Solution for Canon’s GPR51, 53, 55 and 57 Series Of Toner Bottles


Ninestar’s G&G supplies brand launched a compatible toner solution for Canon’s GPR51, 53, 55 and 57 series of toner bottles. It is called G&G TurboTec and uses its own designed bottles to refill Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE series of printers. Canon developed its new Insulated Air Pressure (IAP) bottles back in 2015 that enabled the toner supply to become more stable, be cleaner, easier for the end-user and have less plastic waste.

So far, Canon has deployed IAP toner bottles in its imageRUNNER ADVANCE and imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series printers. Canon’s product lines show that traditional toner bottles are gradually replaced by its IAP counterparts. IAP is trending.

The newly launched compatible bottle uses cutting-edge TurboTec technology, according to G&G, the G&G TurboTec bottles feature a set of turbocharged components above the powder nozzle that increase toner supply efficiency. By introducing external air into the bottle chamber, the toner will be stably and efficiently supplied to the printer.

Other Benefits include: Less waste powder and lower maintenance cost due to the enhancement of powder fluidity and uniformity empowered by TurboTec; Less pollution or damage to the printer; MPS compliant; and OEM-equivalent user experience