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G&G Launches ‘G&G Select’ Standard Consumables for Premium Buyers

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Ninestar’s G&G brand has released a range of toner and inkjet printer cartridges targeting topline, premium and fussy buyers looking for OEM quality products. Called “G&G Select” the products have an exclusive feeling BlackBox appearance with an improved texture. The packaging is designed to be more user-friendly making it more convenient to unpack the box. The packaging is tighter and has been made more resilient to damage during transportation.

The release of G&G Select comes in response to the demand for a higher, premium quality product to compete with the OEM. It will help distributors and channel partners to better serve customers in high-end channels like government, healthcare, education and finance. According to the company, G&G’s global branding manager, Select is a new sub-brand of G&G, which has the full support of the Ninestar platform.

Select has differentiated from other G&G product and has been positioned to target vertical industry users in all sorts of industries,

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