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GROWLAM Launches Innovative, Hygienic and Convenient Motion Sensor Waste Bin

by Imaging Solution Bureau

This round waste bin from Growlam is perfectly sized for your office, bathroom or kitchen. Its motion sensor automatically opens the lid when movement is detected and closes after 3 seconds, allowing you to easily throw away your trash without touching the waste bin. The lid closes only after you remove your hand away from the lid. You can also manually open and close the lid with buttons on the top front of the lid, for ease of use, if you wish to open the bin longer. This 9-litre waste bin comes with retainer clips that can hold your standard kitchen garbage bags in place. Made from durable plastic, it is easy to clean and maintain. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

A trash bin with a sensor is called Motion sensor waste bin, or automatic Waste bin. These bins are are equipped with an infrared sensor which, while activated by hand, opens the lid via an internal motor. So, you don’t need to touch the bin at all, which makes these types of bin hygienic to use. Perfect to use in your Office, kitchen or bathroom, easy to use, and mostly works on Batteries. Some sensor bins are equipped with open/close buttons for manual operation. For instance when you want to throw away multiple items and don’t want the lid to close right after your hands are out of the sensors reach. With the buttons you can open the lid manually so you can take your time for disposing your trash. Moreover, it’s reasonably priced as compared to a traditional dustbin.

Growlam Motion Sensor Waste Bin is available in 9 Litres and 35 Litres, following color options are available. Original Finish – White, Dark Blue and Black; Metallic Finish – Silver, Luxury Gold, Bali Blue, Cream Grey.

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