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HP and Adobe Fuel New Era of 3D Production Technology for Creatives

by Imaging Solution Bureau

HP and Adobe Fuel New Era of 3D Production Technology for Creatives, project Captis to power creative workflows with digital capturing from 2D to 3D. HP Inc. and Adobe announced Project Captis, a collaboration between HP and Adobe to develop and deliver an end-to-end product that can transform physical materials into digital 3D materials, equipping users with workflow efficiency gains while helping reduce time and costs. Project Captis takes advantage of Z by HP technology and Adobe Substance Alchemist software to take creative workflows to the next level.

HP and Adobe will deliver Project Captis to partners across various industries, including game development, ecommerce, architecture and fashion, among others. Project Captis kicks off at Adobe MAX and will run through 2020. Creating innovative solutions for the high-end creator space for more than 80 years, only HP can be trusted to innovate across all phases of the creative process. The HP “Create Ecosystem” spans Personal Systems, 2D Imaging, 3D Printing, and Digital Manufacturing.

A transformation in today’s creative workflows, for example from 3D to visual effects to graphic design, highlights why the continued evolution and innovation of creator tools is critical. Creators working in 3D and visual effects require photorealism and color accuracy. Project Captis enables a workflow that brings creators real-world material capture in a new way. When this technology is combined with the full potential of HP 2D and 3D printing, the technology captures images of real-world materials and processes the raw images into digital materials via photometry. Creators then use these digital materials as elements for computer visualization or on HP’s 2D/3D printing ecosystem. Through this collaboration, HP aims to deliver a solution that drives 3D design and production technology forward.

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