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HYB Rolls Out New Reman Drum Units

by Imaging Solution Bureau

HYB has released HYB-XE-SC 2020 remanufactured drum units for use in Xerox DocuCenter sc2020/SC2021/C2022, to meet the demand of those customers who mostly do business with dealers and have a high expectation on quality. The concern of IP and material safety are addressed to ensure non-infringement and safety as part of the quality assurance routine for all of HYB products. There are more and more regulations imposed by governments regarding the inappropriate or excessive use of fire-retardant DecaBDEs. This places limitations on some products manufactured by HYB’s competitors.

As for drum units, HYB sorted good conditioned drum cartridges to rebuild with long life OPC so as the yield of products can be assured. HYB-KM-DU105 was estimated to have 100K pages of yield. HYB has been working on development with premium quality toner, developer and drum units for the copiers with most up-to-date catalogs. It’s important for HYB to develop new items and assure our distributors are in the 1st place to carry a full range of latest and quality assured products.

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