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HYB Wins Prestigious Russian Toner Contest Twice

by Imaging Solution Bureau

HaoYinBao Group (HYB), the China-based company, is the only participant in the international Open Quality Printing Contest (2021-01) to win both ‘The Best Brands of Toners for Remanufacturing Kyocera Cartridges’ as well as ‘The Best Brands of Alternative Kyocera Cartridges’ at the same time. 36 Russian and 17 international brands took part in the contest run by Information Agency ‘Business-Inform’ and AQCMS—the Russian Association. Those entering the contest were required to provide alternative cartridges as well as toners suitable for remanufacturing the Kyocera TK-3190. The winners were declared by Business Inform and AQCMS. According to the testing results conducted during the first and the second stages of the contest, the compatible HYB TK-3190-48, HYB TK-3190-68 cartridges, manufactured by HYB, won the new-built TK3190 category. The Mitsubishi UT19F5 and HYB TG-48, HYB TG-68 toners, supplied by HYB, were determined to be the best toners for remanufacturing the TK3190. The winning products will be made available by the organizers of the contest to large Russian companies and public organizations in order for them to conduct their own independent evaluations with the possibility of the products being supplied by them into the large Russian market in 2022. 

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