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IIT Madras Students Donate Masks Made from 3D Printers

by Imaging Solution Bureau

A team, including students, from the IIT-Madras developed the face shields, printed them on a 3D printer and distributed them for free as part of the fight against the novel coronavirus. According to reports, the IIT team created face shields that protect the eyes, nose, and mouth of the wearer from splashes and sprays of infectious body fluids. The NexGen 3D printers (a reseller in India) stepped up to help manufacture these masks using CoLIDo printers designed and manufactured by Print-Rite in China. NextGen 3D is the official reseller for these 3D printers in southern India.

Each face mask frame takes about 30 minutes to make. They are now making 1,500 frames per day and hope to ramp it up to 2000 units of ouput per day. While the face shields will be provided free of charge to government doctors and police officers, others can obtain them at single-use at Rs. 100 and reusables at Rs. 150 per shield.

source : RT Media

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