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Image King Launches Laser Toner Powder Imported from Japan

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Image King (the brand of Image Star Print Solutions Pvt Ltd) launches high-quality laser toner powder imported from Japan. The INSPIRATION is given because we got inspired with the quality, besides the extra page yield by 20%  the advantage of INSPIRATION is toner is noncorrosive on cartridge parts since the Fixing is excellent INSPIRATION toner Can print on any type of paper, like on higher GSM and also poly sheets

Inspiration toner of 12a is available in three variants 100 grams,120 grams, 140 grams

For 88a INSPIRATION Toner  is available in a single variant

Masood Khan, the CEO, Image Star, said, “Improving quality is a continual process.   Post-lockdown, we have decided to launch new products with better quality. This superb quality toner powder imported from Japan is one of the several products in a series of new products we have planned to launch in the coming times. With the changing political and economic conditions, we are also changing our business strategy to support the IMAGE STAR large network spread across India.  We are very confident about the product and sure this will create a new demand! Try the quality and use INSPIRATION toner in hard and tuff conditions and it is for sure the satisfaction and performance level will be much better.

Image King witnessed phenomenal growth and has become a ‘favorite brand’ among the partners and the end-users. Today, Image King is one of the leading compatible brands for imaging consumables in India.

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