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IMAGE STAR Celebrates 23rd Anniversary of Founding in a Grand Manner

by Imaging Solution Bureau

During the last two decades, the Image King witnessed a phenomenal growth and has become a ‘favorite brand’ among the partners and the end users.

IMAGE STAR Print Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Chennai-based company founded in 1995 under the visionary leadership of Masood Khan, Founder & Managing Director, is a leading player in the India’s aftermarket imaging consumables industry. The company, with their brand name, Image King, presently operates from 8 branch offices with 400 distributors and 5,500 dealers serving across India! During the last two decades, the Image King witnessed a phenomenal growth and has become a ‘favorite brand’ among the partners and the end users. Image Star celebrated 23rd Anniversary of launching the company in a grand manner in Chennai.

Talking on the occasion, Masood Khan commented, “On our company’s 23rd Anniversary of launching, I would like to thank our partners, office team, the supporters, well-wishers and end-users in the imaging industry, who all contributed to our grand success. Our tagline is ‘Power of Clarity’. We first clearly define our goals and then give our best to achieve those goals systematically. And this principle worked well although my life. Our main focus is to give the best possible quality and never compromise on that. We insist all our partners and associates too to focus on quality. Quality always comes at a price. We do not believe in the adage ‘Cheap and Best’, we believe that Cheap can never be the Best and the Best can never be Cheap. We source from the best and the quality-proven providers from overseas.”

In 2018, Image Star opened Cartridge Mall, an exclusive showroom in Jammu that will sell the entire range of Image King’s products, in association with their close partner and distributor, Vikram Kapoor. This is Image King’s first exclusive showroom outside Chennai and it is also a milestone in their expansion into North India.

About the latest challenges they are facing, Masood Khan briefed, “It is unfortunate that several aftermarket players are presently engaging in price-games to push forward their products and even good and big brands are now launching low-quality alternative parallel lite-versions of their products. This is just bringing down the market quality standards. My advice to all the imaging players and friends in the industry is they should compete on quality, not on pricing. Whatever be the market situation, Image King will strictly follow the principle of providing high quality products. We know honesty and good quality may cost in the short-run but will certainly win in the long-run.”

Also a few months back, Image King they shifted their operations to a single, bigger, well-equipped, state-of-the-art warehouse, to consolidate their logistics. This new warehouse will enable the company to leverage on the advantages of operating from a single centralized warehouse like reducing costs and increasing delivery efficiency.

Discussing about their present performance and future plans, Masood Khan elaborates, “Currently, we are selling nearly 100,000 toner cartridges and 70 tons of toner powder, which places us as one of the top provides in the imaging consumables industry. A few months back we upgraded our bottle packaging plant from semi-automatic to fully-automatic which significantly increased our packaging capability. We are enjoying good market share for OPC drums too. IMAGE STAR always follows a strategy based and developed on our own experience, insight, honesty and quality-centered approach. And we have been successful so far and we are confident that we will succeed in future too. My advice to all the partners is to be successful in the trade, walk with the leaders in the industry and give their best to the industry and the end users; don’t sell cheap and low quality products, do not look for shortcuts, but always think in the long-term and aim higher. If you work sincerely on these lines, growth and success are bound to follow.”

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