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IMAGE STAR Celebrating 25th Anniversary

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Image Star’s Success is Driven by Partners’ Growth and Motivation

IMAGE STAR Print Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Chennai-based company founded in 1995 in a humble way under the visionary leadership of Masood Khan, Founder & Managing Director. Today, Image King, flagship brand of Image Star, is a leading player in the India’s aftermarket imaging consumables industry. on Nov 29, 2020 IMAGE STAR will be celebrating 25th (Silver Jubilee) Anniversary

Mr Khan comments, “I started my career as a deliver boy of a distribution company in 1989 in Chennai and then worked as a marketing executive for 5 years. I launched Image Star in 1995 manufacturing printer ribbons in a humble way and soon started imaging products and then the growth was rapid and phenomenal. On the occasion of our company’s 25th Anniversary, I would like to thank our partners, office team, the supporters, well-wishers, end-users and other friends and players in the imaging industry, who all contributed to our grand success. I trust in God, work hard on my part and then keep in mind the wellbeing of all our partners and associates. Our tagline is ‘Power of Clarity.’ For me working systematically in a way that benefits all is important, money and fame are secondary. We believe in sharing our success with others than simply focusing on our own profits and benefits. If we work hard with honesty and clarity, money and profits will follow on their own.”

Image King presently operates 250 PARIVAR members ( First class channel partners) and many dealers across India! During the last two and half decades, Image King witnessed a phenomenal growth and has become a ‘favorite brand’ among the partners and the end users.
“We first clearly define our goals and then give our best to achieve those goals systematically. And this principle worked well although my life. Our main focus is to give the best possible quality. We insist all our partners and associates too to focus on quality. We do not believe in the adage ‘Cheap and Best’, as we believe that Cheap can never be the Best and the Best can never be Cheap. We source from the best and the quality-proven providers from overseas. Image King believes in competing on quality, not on pricing. Whatever be the market situation, Image King will strictly follow the principle of providing highest possible quality products; good quality products may cost more, but will certainly win in the long-run.”
On Oct 31, 2020, Image King recorded the highest single-day sales in their history. Also, in July 2020 sold the highest value of monthly sales in the history of 25 years. This shows that Image King stands strong despite several challenges and crises in the Indian market.

Discussing about their present performance and future plans, Mr Khan elaborates, “We work with our distributors as family. We give them a feeling that Image King is their brand
IMAGE STAR signed up with worlds biggest CRM& BUSINESS INTELLIGENT TOLL provider and will be launching mobile base APP to all channel partners
Even during COVID crises we kept on recording growth. In Sep 2020, Image King was Number 2 (second largest importer) of toner TONER POWDER and just 2.14% behind the Number 1 importer in India. All our success is because of God’s will, our transparent policies and importantly due to the trust and loyalty of our partners in our brand. My advice to all the partners is to be successful in the trade, walk with the leaders in the industry and give their best to the industry and the end users; don’t sell cheap and low quality products, do not look for shortcuts, but always think in the long-term and aim higher. If you work sincerely on these lines, growth and success are bound to follow.”

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