Imaging Solution Magazine November 2021

Imaging Solution Magazine November 2021


Challenges Related Imports to Continue Till Mid-2022!

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Despite the political standoff between and China, India still depends heavily on imports from China. This month’s cover story discusses the opinions of imaging industry leaders about the challenges posed by the increases in freight charges on imports from China by over 10 times, delays up to 3 months in deliveries, and shortages of products due to disruption in production worsened by power shortages in China. As a result of these factors, the prices of most imported imaging consumables have gone up by 10-20% and in addition, there are shortages—even if you are willing to pay, you are not sure to get the products. These challenges may not completely ease until mid-2022, according to most of the industry leaders.

Every challenge comes with its own solutions and triggers new innovations. Let us hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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