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Integral Introduced new Replacement Cartridges for Ricoh´s IM 500/600 Engine

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Integral, the German-based premium toner manufacturer, introduced new replacement cartridges for use in Ricoh´s IM 500/600 engine designed for the mid-size office environment. After completing R&D and extensive lifecycle testing, Integral brings out this that enables significant cost savings to the aftermarket. The monochrome multifunction Ricoh IM 550F 600F 600SRF and the single function Ricoh P 800 and P801 belong to the same family and use the same up to 60ppm A4 Ricoh engine. Consumables are identical.

The single-function machines are the P800 and P801 and with their compact design are marketed towards customers where space is a critical factor and performance is a must. The multifunction versions are the Ricoh IM 550F 600F and 600SRF and they come with extra copier fax and scanner functions which are built into the base printer version. The printers are very silent compact and have low power consumption but still deliver 55 to 60 ppm with a paper input capacity up to 2600 sheets.

While guaranteeing OEM equivalent image quality throughout the lifecycle Integral’s new, premium low melting point toner solution guarantees excellent fusing even at the highest print speeds. Key machine features include the first page out of 6 seconds, 2GB memory and 1200dpi resolution. The machines are shipped with starter cartridges of 10/11K and have a regular 25.5K and a high yield (only the 801) 40K pages cartridge option.

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