Japanio 2612A & 388A Black Laser Toner Cartridges Offer Dark and Sharp...

Japanio 2612A & 388A Black Laser Toner Cartridges Offer Dark and Sharp Prints with High Page Yield


Japanio 2612A & 388A Black compatible laser toner cartridges come with a reusable drum that allows a minimum of 2 refill cycles. They give printouts that are dark and sharp. All the cartridge components used in these cartridges are brand new (no secondhand components). The cartridges come with a full replacement warranty at comfortable prices and offer the finest print quality.

Japanio 2612A & 388A laser toner cartridges contain high-quality toner powder in exact amounts promised in the specs and so they give the promised page yield, darkness, and consistency. In these cartridges, there is no toner leakage and they do not damage the printer. Most market cartridges do not fill the promised amount of toner and so their page yield is often lower than what they promise.

Japanio (the brand of Neminath Compu India based in New Delhi) provides a wide range of printer consumables including toner powders, laser cartridges, inkjet inks, OPC drums, and other consumables for different brands and their models. Japanio offers compatible toner powders and toner cartridges for the latest machines and models of HP, Brother, and Canon and are known for their quality, consistency, and higher yield. The brand keeps up-to-date with technology and provides cartridges for the latest printer models of different brands as soon as they are launched in the market. All the products of Japanio are made following strict quality control procedures, a stringent code of ethics, and an unstinting commitment to partners and end-users.