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Jaykay Enterprises forms JV with EOS to Bring 3D Metal Design and Printing to India Market

by Imaging Solution Bureau

With an aim to strengthen its  leadership position in the metal printing market segment, Jaykay Enterprises, part of the 140-years-old diversified JK conglomerate, has entered into a strategic partnership with the global leaders in 3D Metal design and printing market, EOS, Germany.  The JV will operate through a new subsidiary called NeuMesh Labs Pvt Ltd headquartered out of Bangalore.  The new JV will be lean and agile structured, with technical knowledge from EOS. Jaykay Enterprises also aims to invest in a print farm where the infrastructure and assets will be owned by Jaykay Enterprises.  

The JV will support the Indian companies to adapt Metal 3D Printing by offering EOS Additive Minds consulting topics in the area of Design For Additive Manufacturing.(DFAM) Part Screening and Selection, Topology optimisation and to generate business case. Further, Jaykay Enterprises will invest in a print farm with options of both onsite and offsite capabilities.  This Centre of Excellence will not only support Indian customers but would also look to provide support in the global market.

On announcing the partnership Mr. Abhishek Singhania, Additional Director, Jaykay Enterprises, said, “The JV between Jaykay and EOS will address the growing need of metal printing in Defence, Aerospace & Healthcare industry. A huge component of metal 3D market in our country remains unaddressed. Due to the ever-changing technology and limitation in the size and deposition rate in printing, companies are reluctant to invest in the technology. With EOS as our partner, we hope to overcome these limitations and make India self-reliant”

Says Mr Anand Prakasham, Country Head, EOS India, “Jaykay has a strong legacy and diversified portfolio with experience in 3D Scanning, modelling and reverse engineering and EOS is the global technology leader in 3D metal printing. Together, we will serve the demand for high-end technology in 3D metal printing in India. We look forward to a fruitful and rewarding journey ahead.”

Since metal 3D Printing is a fairly nascent and under-researched industry in India, Jaykay Enterprises engaged E&Y to work on a comprehensive project and strategy to understand the market potential. The study revealed that the current market opportunity of metal 3D printing market in India is of Rs 280 crores growing at CAGR of 33.2 %. It can grow to Rs 1,190 crores by 2025 with Aerospace and Defence being the highest contributors.

The 3D printing market in India includes hardware, software and services. Popular materials used in 3D printing include polymers, metals, ceramic, sand and cement, with metal being the most accelerated in terms of applicability and usage. In general, 3D printing is applied in the manufacturing and associated sectors. Among the manufacturing sectors aerospace & defence, healthcare, oil & gas and automotive holds maximum potential. The various merits of introducing 3D printing include shorter lead times, better design precision and reduced costs as well. By enabling cutting edge manufacturing in India, Jaykay Enterprise aims to reduce the government’s dependence on defence imports. 3D printing makes a great substitute for several defence components with shorter procurement lead times and better designing efficiency by combining multiple components or producing complex geometries. It will also serve the healthcare sector through cheaper and customized implants.

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