Home News Update Lexmark Rolls Out New Print Solutions for Manufacturers

Lexmark Rolls Out New Print Solutions for Manufacturers

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Lexmark announced new solutions designed to ‘simplify business processes for its manufacturing customers,’ including RFID Laser Printing, GHS Label Printing, Supply Chain Document Optimization, and SAP Printing.

Lexmark RFID Laser Printing for Manufacturing allows manufacturers to print, program and customize RFID labels and tags from a color laser printer or multi-function printer (MFP) device. The solution helps eliminate the risk of mismatches between RFID tags and labels and consolidates device management into one RFID-capable color device.

RFID is a proven technology to help manufacturers maximize process efficiencies. Work-in-progress, logistics, yard management and document archiving are all typical areas where the radio nature of RFID helps overcome the line of sight challenges encountered with barcodes and visual labels. Lexmark GHS Label Printing for Manufacturing allows organizations to print color labels that comply with GHS standards with little waste, while obtaining a solution that meets the most stringent requirements for the labeling of international shipments of hazardous materials by sea.

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