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Metrofuser Releases Online Printer Tech Assessment Tool

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Metrofuser has introduced a free online printer tech assessment tool developed for printer service providers. Called the HP Printer Service Pro Challenge, it’s being used by companies in a number of ways. The 22-question quiz allows printer service people to see how they compare with other HP printer technicians nationwide. In addition to testing current team members some are using it to test printer technician job applicants and new hires.

Questions were curated from the Metrofuser’s 16-year history of providing printer service training and 40,000 technical support calls. The questions were further vetted by 2 industry veterans with a combined experience of 60 years. The Printer Service Pro Challenge tests skills in the following areas: Error Code Familiarity; Image Defect Troubleshooting; Paper Jam Diagnostic Abilities; Printer Network Knowledge; Color Printer Understanding; and Firmware Problem-Solving

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