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Mile ahead of the others – US Patent granted for Print-Rite’s PR-2 drum gear

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Print-Rite Unicorn Image Products Co., Ltd. Of Zhuhai (Print-Rite) ran an extra mile ahead in receiving a US patent granted this October on its PR-2 gear with US patent No. 9,170,549, while others are hurting from the General Exclusion Order (GEO) of Canon ‘dongle gear’ Investigation No. 337-TA-918 issued by the U.S.

International Trade Commission on 31 August 2015.  Once again, the latest patent granted on PR-2 gear clearly demonstrates Print-Rite’s edge in innovation and capability in providing engineering solutions.  Therefore, PR-2 gear designed by Print-Rite can be viewed as a timely rescue to the aftermarket industry.Thanks to our dedication to innovation and commitment to R&D, our PR-2 gear has arrived to rescue the industry.  You must be asking why the PR-2 gear is a safe bet in these times of uncertainty and change.

The key innovation is that the coupling member of PR-2, in engagement or disengagement with the printer drive shaft, does not have any inclination. ‘PR-2 gear used in the HP CE 505, HP CF 280, or HP CE 255 range provides our clients with a perfect solution for staying clear of the patent issue,’ explained the Head of R&D at Print-Rite. The Head of R&D at Print-Rite further explained, ‘Technically each projection has a uniform radial length.  This means each projection is at an equal distance at two positions for PR-2 gear to engage with printer driving shaft.  This is also a by-product of our teamwork and innovation.’In short, PR-2 gear can be used in both new build and remanufactured cartridges.

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