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Mr. Piyush Ruiwale Explains how Focusing on the Right Factors Helped Formujet move to the Next Level! 

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Mr. Piyush Ruiwale (S/o Mr. Shashank Ruiwale, Director, Indigo Prints Smart Private Limited) joined the business to help his father take Formujet to the next level. In an interaction with Imaging Solution magazine, Mr. Piyush Ruiwale shares his experience, what changes he tried to initiate, and his plans for the company. Indigo Print Smart Private Limited, established in 1995, in Mumbai, is a leading Importer, Manufacturer, and Supplier of a wide range of imaging consumables under the brand name – Formujet.

Mr. Piyush Ruiwale comments, “I completed my B. Tech and then joined my father’s business in 2018. I remember the first task assigned to me was to learn about the different segments under digital printing and the various products we offered. With the help of our experienced team and the guidance provided by my father, I understood the then existing operations of the company thoroughly. Formujet was a well-established brand even before I joined. Hence it wasn’t easy for me to make significant changes immediately. After focusing on minute details, I decided to focus on and enhance the overall customer experience and satisfaction levels. A user purchases a printer once in 3-4 Years but has a regular requirement of consumables throughout the year. Even if one product of bad quality is supplied to the customer, we may lose that customer forever. Hence it was important for our entire team to understand how high the stakes are! New printer models are being launched every month. I try to ensure that we are the first company to release consumables for the latest models as soon as they appear on the market. After, I joined we also widened our product portfolio and expanded horizontally.”

Formujet’s product Range includes Toner Powders, Toner Cartridges, OPC drums & parts, Inkjet inks for desktop and large format printers, CISS systems, sublimation inks & its media, Photopapers, ID Cards, Dot-matrix ribbon cartridges, refill packs, chips and the list goes on and on.

“Our company has always been known for its technical superiority, all our products have certain USP and merits over the competition but we were not able to educate about these benefits clearly to our partners and the end-users. I made it a point that communications are improved across different channels. After I joined, I laid special emphasis on understanding the actual needs of the customers, their opinions, requests were all taken into consideration. This information was then used to develop our products specifically to meet the exact requirements of our customers,” adds Mr. Piyush Ruiwale.

Formujet has a 30,000 sq. ft warehouse on the outskirts of Mumbai city that ensures timely deliveries to all their customers. Backed by a Pan-India distribution network, the brand is well recognized in all different parts of the country. Formujet is supported by a solid R&D and a sales department headed by qualified and experienced professionals to provide the latest products and services to the partners and ultimately to the end-users. Talking about the improvements in their channel ecosystem, future plans, and the message he wants to give to the young entrepreneurs, Mr. Piyush Ruiwale concludes, “Partner satisfaction is very important for the growth of the company and the brand. If partners feel motivated, they will promote your brand aggressively and that will, in turn, result in the growth of the company. We increased our interactions with our partners and tried to understand their needs and issues. I believe there is a lot of scope in the printer consumables industry. We want to maintain our position as one of the leading players in the imaging consumables industry and to ensure the best possible customer retention rate. My message to the upcoming entrepreneurs is that there are great possibilities in the imaging industry if they work sincerely for a Long-Term Success instead of short-term benefits.”

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