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“My aim is to establish formujet as one of the top provider of digital printing solutions in the country”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Young people are stepping into their father’s shoes and taking over the reins of the family business. There are some who would rather make the journey by themselves. But some people are joining his father’s company has always been his dream; there are several such person who handle father’s business in a better and highly managed way. Piyush Ruiwale is no exception, he shares his experiences and his mission and vision for formujet.

Indigo Prints Smart Pvt Ltd led by Shashank Ruiwale is one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers and traders of laser toner Cartridges, Inkjet printer inks, industrial inkjet printing products, large format inks & cartridges under its brand name formujet. Today, Piyush Ruiwale (S/o Shashank Ruiwale) is increasing taking over the responsibilities of managing the company, while his father still guides the overall strategy of the organization.

Piyush Ruiwale comments, “The financial year 2018-2019 has been a fantastic period for the Imaging industry, the Industry seems to be growing at a solid rate year on year, more people have now understood the potential of the inkjet segment and have started focusing on it. On the other side, in segments like the laser toner cartridge, it seems supply exceeds demand. For the Year FY 2019-20, I can sense more competition in the toner cartridge space. A wild price war has been raging in this area and the only outcome obtained is depreciation in the quality standards. As a young denizen in the imaging industry, I am puzzled why our consumers prefer investing in low quality products for saving few bucks rather than investing in high-quality products which benefits them in the long run. We all need to work to educate the users and the market in this regard.”

formujet’s product range also includes Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), industrial inkjet printing products,CISS inks, sublimation inks, formujet photo inks, laserjet toner powders, toner cartridges for printers and copiers, refillable cartridges, compatible inkjet cartridges, ink tank System, jumbo cartridges, large format printers inks, large format printer cartridges, vacuum toner cleaning machines, inkjet cartridge refilling machine, inkjet accessory kit, laserjet component tray, un-inked fabric rolls, dot matrix ribbon ink, dot matrix ribbon cassettes, OPC drums, doctor blade, Sublimation heat press, ID cards and dragon sheets, PVC inkjet sheets, etc. Huge range of products and to maintain inventory and quality is humongous asks.

Talking about the latest government initiatives, Piyush comments, “I believe, that the ‘Make in India’ project can help organize the Imaging industry. The recent regulations like GST, E-way Bills, SME & MSME, etc have made for evading tax difficult and their strict implementation will help organize the imaging industry and ensure smooth functioning. Bringing the ‘One Nation One Tax’ system in the form of GST is a great idea; it has made tax compliances quite easy and less complicated. The government should incentivise ‘Remanufacturing,’ which will boost the recycling and help to save the environment.”

Other merits of formujet include well-developed warehouse, budget-friendly prices, timely deliveries and a wide distribution network. formujet is supported by a state-of-the-art R&D and sales departments manned by qualified, well-trained and experienced professionals to provide the latest technology products and services to the partners and then to the end users.

Regarding his future plans, Piyush adds, “From our company’s point view, I am committed to work for the growth of ‘formujet’ brand and I love to take on challenges that come in our way. Increasing responsibilities makes us work hard, struggle more, but only to provide the ‘Ultimate Experience and Satisfaction’ to our customers. While dealing with challenges, I have always believe, ‘Teamwork is the secret that helps common individuals achieve uncommon results.’ Working together not only helps to deal with challenging tasks but also helps to reach new levels. Hence, we at Indigo, welcome all challenges with open arms! We have been focusing on the Laser Copier market and have introduced mono lasers & colour laser toners for a variety of Printer Models. Indigo has a wide range of products for different kinds of consumers; special efforts are being put to make all our products available with our channel Partners & distributors. There are rapid innovations taking place in the digital printing Industry opening up new possibilities into the market. The youth should develop the capabilities to exploit the new opportunities. Our aim is to make formujet one of the leading digital printing solution providers in the country in future. With focus on establishing strong dealer network, across country, we invite new dealers from all parts of the country to join the ‘Indigo Family’ and reap the benefits that come along.”

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