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New Splashjet Sublimation Inks for the Epson SC-F500 Series

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Splashjet, the independent India-based ink manufacturer, has recently announced the addition of a new member in their wide array of products: Sublimation Inks for the Epson SC-F500 series.

Splashjet has come up with a unique set of Sublimation inks compatible with Epson’s SureColor F series dye-sublimation printers. Working with the standard CMYK configuration, the inks showcase sharp and smooth transfers ensuring that the consequent prints portray vivid, true colors and achieve accurate skin tone reproduction. Commenting upon specialties, Splashjet explains that the Sublimation inks are designed such that, “the Blacks are Dark, the Greys are Neutral, the Reds are Vibrant and Blues are Deep. Distinctive ink chemistry provides a wide media compatibility enabling them to work with all popular sublimation transfer papers with no nozzle clogging. Excellent Color Vibrancy, Crisp transfers, and longer print-head life – Splashjet Inks are the ultimate & economic package.”

Each printer model in this Epson sure color series has a corresponding Sublimation neon ink variant in which the vivid magenta and yellow are replaced by the fluorescent pink and fluorescent yellow respectively. For these, Splashjet’s Fluorescent inks offer the precise pedestal wherein quality and performance are balanced perfectly. A brilliant rendering of bright tones along with radiant color realization is what makes Splashjet Inks stand apart when it comes to delivering value, thus making it the ultimate answer to all printing challenges.

The compatibility list of Epson SC-F500 series Sublimation printer models is divided into geographical segments is as given below:

  1.      Asia – SC F530, SC F531 (ink Code – T49P)
  2.      Europe and Africa – SC F100, SC F500, SC F501 (ink code – T49N)
  3.      North, Central & South America – SC F570, SC F571 ( Ink code – T49M)

Mr. Gaurav Jinturkar, the co-founder of Splashjet, states, “At Splashjet we believe in offering the inks with a difference. Be it Performance, Reliability, or Consistency, Splashjet walks all the way to offer you the best. Our extensive focus on innovation & technology helps us to deliver outstanding Inkjet Inks consistently.” You can know more about Splashjet here

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