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OCTA 2019: Risks and Opportunities in Imaging Supply Industry

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Following the success of Print-Rite OCTA 2018 which has received unrivalled industry support and exceptional participation, Print-Rite is delighted to announce that OCTA 2019 “Risks and Opportunities in Imaging Supply Industry,” which consists of a luncheon seminar and a gala dinner, will take place on October 17, 2019 at Astor Ballroom, The St.Regis Zhuhai.

The event is expected to draw more than 100 representatives from all over the globe to share their experiences and best practices. Having been in the industry for more than 38 years, Print-Rite has witnessed a great many significant of opportunities and challenges within the aftermarket printing consumables industry.

Recently, Print-Rite has noted a growing number of clients asking about the intellectual property safety, health and environmental regulations that cover imaging products. Hoping to inform everyone in the aftermarket of the industry trends and to provide them with the latest industry solutions, OCTA 2019 will be joined by industry professionals worldwide to share their insights on the most critical changes facing the imaging aftermarket today.

Topics include the trend and direction of the industry, whether IP issue is a threat or an opportunity, the new REACH and RoHS, etc.The roundtable luncheon offers an informal and intimate setting for attendees to engage in lively discussions with the business community and to connect existing and emerging partners for future collaboration and coordination.

Attendees and media can look forward to an informative and pleasant event hosted by Print-Rite, with sessions aimed at all corners of the imaging industry. For more information and to start free registration to the luncheon seminar, visit the online registration page here.

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