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Pantum Aims to Offer Indian Users Faster, More Convenient, Economical Printing Experience

by Imaging Solution Bureau

In an interaction with NCN, Mr. Abhra Das, National Head – India, Pantum International Ltd, shares Pantum’s plans, market strategy and vision for the Indian market.

How Pantum makes an impact on Indian printer space?

As a young brand, Pantum intends to inject fresh blood into the Indian printer industry and provide partners with new business opportunities; and users with more convenient and faster printing experience.

What is your GTM strategy during the COVID pandemic?

As for the offline channel, Pantum is deepening cooperation with channel partners providing them sales support during the epidemic so as to consolidate the sales network. We are also planning to launch our products in the mainstream LFRs. As for the online channels, Pantum is promoting products on the main e-commerce platforms with competitive schemes to satisfy users’ requirement of home officing and learning.

How Pantum is bringing higher value to Indian customers by providing cost-effective products, on-site services and attractive sales policies?

Pantum printers are of outstanding printing speed. The speed of entry-level printer is up to 22 ppm, and the medium and high-end printers is up to 33 ppm. Customers can complete the installation with one step only and realize convenient mobile printing through Wi-Fi. With high-performance Pantum printer, the printing cost is surprisingly low. Our original consumables are the most economical choice, while offering great printing quality, cost only 50% compared to other products in this category. At the same time, we provide the Indian market with an extremely low CPP solution model, which saves cost for users. At present, Pantum provides national on-site services through Wipro to assure timely service to the customer. The goal of Pantum is to let users in India enjoy a faster, more convenient, economical and worry-free printing experience.

In 2019, Pantum recorded robust growth in sales in the Indian market. What is your expectation for 2020?

Despite encountering COVID-19 in 2020, we believe that with the positive measures of the Indian government, India’s economy will recover soon. The demand from government, enterprise and people’s home-based officing and learning will steadily recover and grow. We are confident that Pantum will maintain good growth this year.

What is the overall roadmap of Pantum to boost the growth further in 2020? On what specific printer models are you focusing in 2020?

In 2020, Pantum will be further expanding and digging the offline, online and GeM channels, and bonding with partners and users. This year, we will focus more on Wi-Fi models P2500W, M6502NW, P3302DW, M7102DW to meet the remote office needs of users, and will also launch promotion activities to users.

What are the Pantum’s special initiatives to support channel partners during this pandemic situation?

In the context of COVID-19 epidemic, Pantum is providing masks and other critical medical supplies to the partners, helping them to recover business and work safely. At the same time, we are also providing special sales support to channel partners to encourage them to overcome the difficulties they may face at present. We believe that the situation will turn to a better direction and we will always stand by our partners.

What are your future plans for the Indian market?

In the future, Pantum will launch more products such as high-speed printers and color printers to complete product-line and assist users in different tasks. We would like to grow together with partners and make Pantum a well-known brand with good reputation.

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