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Polyton Wants to Set Up 10 Mini-Mono Toner Manufacturing Plants in Top 10 Cities in India

by Imaging Solution Bureau

In an interaction with Imaging Solution magazine, Mr. Prajesh Patel, Founder, Polyton Nano Technology, shares their company’s technological innovations, business strategy, future plans and vision. Polyton Nano Technology founded in 1999 in Morbi  (Gujarat) started distribution of Elfotec AG toners and later started manufacturing and provides world-class toners (monochrome and color) for printers and copiers to worldwide as well as the Indian users and OEMs under their brand name Polyton. The company also exports toners to Dubai, Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, USA, Russia, Brazil, Mexico etc under their brand name XOLOR.

Mr. Prajesh Patel comments, “In July 2021, there were two fire-accidents in Konica Minolta’s toner manufacturing plant in Japan so the KONICA’s supply of OEM toners has stopped and this led to tremendous shortage of toners for Konica machines worldwide and there is a sudden increase in demand for compatible toners, mono and color, from India and abroad (Middle East, Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc) for these machines. Now the orders for compatible toners for Konica over-booked. The demand is so much that we are now supplying only to the dealers and clients already tied-up with us; not to the new dealers and now we increased the manufacturing of compatible toners for Konica significantly. We are the leading manufacturer and provider of color toner in India, with no competitor at present.”

Polyton provides monochrome and color toners and cartridges for a wide variety of printer and copier brands and their models including Xeikon, Kodak, Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, HP, Samsung and Sharp. In 2021, Polyton invented a ground-breaking High Tech CryoMilled Technology, which is a unique manufacturing process that reduces the cost of production of toners significantly besides improving quality.

Talking about their CryoMilled Technology to manufacture toners, Mr. Prajesh Patel comments, “We invented CryoMilled Technology using our R&D, and this technology is not available with any other manufacturer. With the traditional technology, which the manufacturers across the globe use, nearly 20% of the raw material goes as a waste which has to be separated and recycled, which involves extra cost, effort, time and electricity. Our unique CryoMilled technology helps to maximize production, reduce costs, and produce superior quality toners and allows to produce quality equal to that of Japanese makers at costs lower than that of Chinese products! We applied for patent for our CryoMilled Technology and once we get the patent, we can sell this technology and license to other color toner makers.”

Polyton was incepted in 1999 with importing toners. In 2005, they started own monochrome manufacturing plant in Morbi (Gujarat) and then started manufacturing color toners in 2012 at Rajkot plant. Polyton has 3 state-of-the art manufacturing plants in Gujarat: one in Rajkot (Gujarat) and two in Morbi (Gujarat), backed by the best equipped R&D department and professional teams.

Talking about their future plans, Mr. Prajesh Patel adds, “The demand for HP laser printer toners and Canon copier toners are huge in India.We want to set up about 10 small-scale monochrome toner manufacturing plants in each of the major cities in India based on our latest CryoMilled technology soon. These plants will be owned and run by our dealers. For this, each dealer has to invest Rs. 2 crores and each should have a factory area 5000 square feet. Once they fulfills these conditions, we will provide them the machines, technology, training, semi-finished raw materials and excellent training to our partners for operating these plants with minimum effort and expertise. This will also help to prevent the dumping of low quality toners from China into India. We are not using any raw materials from China; we procure raw materials from Japan, German and USA based manufacturers of high quality toner raw materials and some from the local Indian manufacturers. In our Gujarat plants, we want to focus more on manufacturing CryoMilled color toners, because on color toners we have better margins. Our exports are growing well YoY and we are also getting excellent feedback from our overseas customers. We also want to significantly expand our production capacity of color toners in the next 2 years. In the coming years, we want to establish XOLOR as a leading global brand for color toners.”

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