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Print-Rite Pelikan Promises 50% Reseller Margin

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Aftermarket printer cartridge resellers typically make around 20% margin and those selling OEM cartridges are getting margins as low as 12-15%. According to the company, Pelikan branded resellers can make 50% and even the distributors selling to the resellers can make 15-18%. Discerning end-users identify Pelikan as a safe, trusted, and reliable alternative brand to the OEM that saves them money without any risk, claims the brand.

Print-Rite Pelikan Solutions brings together two of the most iconic companies in the industry. Print-Rite has been pioneering innovation in 2D products and 3D products for almost 40 years. Headquartered in Hong Kong the Print-Rite group has established itself as the top tier manufacturer of remanufactured and patent-safe compatible imaging products for copier, laser, inkjet, ribbons and imaging component parts. Pelikan was established 182 years ago in 1838 and as a brand, has stood the test of time.

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