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PRM Adds Inktank Printer Inks to its Wide Portfolio, Plans to Establish their Brand Strongly Across India

by Imaging Solution Bureau

The Mumbai-based Premier Computers, founded in 1994 and led by Mr. Ashish Sanghvi, Director, is one of the most trusted wholesalers, importers, traders, and suppliers of a large array of aftermarket imaging products under their brand name PRM, for printers of different brands and their models. The product range of PRM includes laser printer parts, dot matrix parts, plotter parts, inkjet printer parts, inkjet inks, toner powders, toner cartridges, toner cartridge parts (OPC drums, doctor & wiper blades, PCR, mag roller, etc) imported from the leading providers in China and South Korea, designed and developed using high-grade raw materials and components. 

In an interaction with Imaging Solution, Mr. Ashish Sanghvi shares, “We import products from quality-proven providers from abroad. We sell under the brand PRM and also in bulk without a brand name. We are one of the leading providers of printer parts and imaging products in India. Recently, we have added superior quality imported inks (black and color) for ink tank printers to our portfolio. In 2021, we became the National Distributor in India for A&G OPC drums.  The China-based A&G is one of the globally trusted and popular brands for OPC drums and to become their distributor is a big milestone for us. A&G OPC drums are selling very well in India.”

Premier Computers’ business operations are backed by talented team members, who include engineers, R&D professionals, quality controllers, skilled / semi-skilled staff; warehousing, packaging & delivery staff; and sales & marketing executives. The company imparts regular training to their team members to enhance their knowledge and keep them updated on the latest developments in the industry and marketing activities. 

Mr. Ashish Sanghvi comments, “Our high quality and the reputation that we have built are our biggest strengths. We have a wide range of printer parts for different brands and their models and also for imaging products. Our customers can get all items under one roof. We maintain a strong reputation and long-term relationships with clients and deliver products within the limited time periods. We have a pan-India customer base supplied through a network of over 100 well-connected dealers.”  

Premier Computers is led by highly experienced and efficient management, backed by excellent employee retention policies, and cordial & strong relations with IT trade partners, giving top priority to customer satisfaction, offering innovative and latest products, and best-in-class service facilities.

Regarding challenges in the market and their future plans, Mr. Ashish Sanghvi adds, “We are expecting a good business from the inks we have recently added to our portfolio. India is a very big market and also a growing market for aftermarket imaging products offering great opportunities for those who provide products with quality and consistency. One major challenge in the market is completion from the low-grade grey market products. Low-grade products are cheap in the short run but cost more in the long run due to poor quality output and low yield. We are trying our best to educate our customers and partners about the importance of using high-quality products which is beneficial in the long run. In the future, we want to add more products to our portfolio and establish PRM as a leading brand in the Indian aftermarket imaging consumables segment.” PRM’s products are thoroughly tested through several stages of quality control procedures to offer products of high durability, performance, sturdiness, and resistance to damage. Due to total quality management (TQM), the company is able to offer its customers the best quality printer parts.

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