Rank Office Automation to Strengthen the Reach of its Highly Reliable RC...

Rank Office Automation to Strengthen the Reach of its Highly Reliable RC Copier Machines & Spares and Expand Market Network


Rank Office Automation Pvt Ltd, led by Mr. Rakesh Virmani, Director, is a Delhi-based provider of a wide range of high quality copier consumables such as black & color copier toners, compatible toner cartridges & components, machine spares, etc for different models and brands such as Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Xerox, with main focus on quality and consistency. Rank Office started its operations in 1997, and today provides black & color toners and components for all the leading copier brands like Xerox, Canon, Konica, Sharp, Kyocera, Sharp, etc and RC Xerox machines.

Mr. Rakesh Virmani explains, “We focus on providing compatibles and products with near-OEM quality. Nowadays color usage is increasing fast. As far as raw materials are concerned, we import copier spares from CET (China) and toners from TTI (Taiwan). We have been one of the earliest partners of CET in India with over 20 years of association with them and we have over 200 different products of CET for the machines and models of all the leading brands. Our association with TTI is also nearly 17 years old.”

Rank Office has its own brand, Virmanis, under which they provide copier toners in packages of 500 gms and 1 kg giving the convenient choice to customers. Unlike several low level imaging products available in the market, Rank Office maintains the highest quality for copier toners as well as consumables.

Regarding their business in RC machines, Mr. Rakesh Virmani adds, “We trade in Xerox refurbished (RC) copier machines which we import (used machines) mostly from USA, recondition them in India by changing some parts, service and sell them to the Indian customers as RC machines in a very good working condition. Lack of clarity in the government policies is hampering our imports of secondhand machines. Otherwise RC machines have a lot of scope in the Indian market.”

“Business was down due to the pandemic in 2020, but improved significantly by Jan 2021 and hope it will become normal by April 2021. With the demand for color copiers increasing, black color printing feature will merge with color printing in the future. We provide good training and instructions to our partners and they in turn will pass on the know-how to the end users. Though our good quality copier compatibles are less expensive than the OEM compatibles, they are costlier than the average market compatibles as quality comes at a price,” Mr. Rakesh Virmani elaborates.

About the latest trends in the market and their promotion strategies, Mr. Rakesh Virmani observes, “The latest trend in the market is that more and more users are shifting from black to color printing. Our promotion at present is through mobile calls, word of mouth, personal contacts and the impression and goodwill we already built up for ourselves in the market over the decades. We operate across India through a network of over 300 distributors and dealers with whom we maintain good long-term relationships. We have customers even in the far away cities like Chennai, Bangalore, etc.”

Regarding future plans, Mr. Rakesh Virmani briefs, “We are strong in North India, followed by West and South India regions. We want to focus more on color segment in the coming years, as most of our present and past customers are gradually shifting to color. We also want to focus more on serving the growing number of customers in the South India region.”