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Riseonic Striving to Rise to New Levels in the Indian Imaging Industry

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Riseonic Products Pvt Ltd is a Mumbai-based upstart incorporated in April 2019 with an aim to take premium quality imaging products and services to the end users in the Indian imaging consumables market at reasonable prices.

Founded and led by Biswajit Dubey with over a decade of in-depth and resourceful experience working at senior levels at reputed companies in the imaging industry, Riseonic brand is driven by the motto ‘Convenience, Service and Value.’

In an interaction with the Imaging Solution magazine, Biswajit Dubey shares, “After the launch of Riseonic in April 2019, in just five months we received very encouraging response from the market. From the inception of our Riseonic brand, we want to create the image in the market that Riseonic stands for uncompromising quality, top class service and best customer experience. We see several providers in the market providing products of lower quantities and qualities than they claim on their printed labels on the package. But our brand will stand up to what we promise: both in terms of quality and quantity. One advantage we have is we do not maintain big manpower and infrastructure and we want, the savings thus gained, to pass on to the end users in the form of better quality and lower prices.”

The current product line of Riseonic includes laser toner powders, laser toner cartridges, drums, photo glossy papers, cartridge parts, lamination machines and lamination consumables. Riseonic has laserjet consumables—black and color—for different printer models of most of the leading brands like HP, Samsung, Brother, Kyocera, Ricoh, Lexmark, etc.

Biswajit Dubey adds, “We will work hard to provide the products that are effective, of latest technology and with superior quality. We are striving to provide the best customer satisfaction and value for their money. Except drums, all other consumables we import from standard providers from China. In the last five months, we reached 60% of the major cities in India in West, South and North India regions, and smaller cities will be covered in the next year. We are continuously working to build our supply channel network. The main challenge in the market is distributors and providers in the Indian market are underselling one another at lower prices thus bringing down the MOP and also the quality levels in the industry are dropping. The providers in the imaging should come together and maintain decent MoP so that people can do business with confidence and honesty.”

As a responsible organization, Riseonic is committed to protect the environment by facilitating e-waste collection and recycling through authorized and certified waste recyclers. The respective plans are already in the making.

Briefing about their future plans, Biswajit Dubey comments, “Though we just started recently, we have a lot plans for the future. We want to widen our current product portfolio in 2020 and add copier consumables to our portfolio in 2021. Also, in the coming two years, in addition to providing imaging consumables, we want to add two more units in our company – one for providing IT accessories (including PC and laptop accessories) and the other for providing mobile accessories. In the next two years, we want to reach our products to medium and smaller town’s pan-India and widen our channel network. We also have plans to set up our own plant to manufacture photo paper of different types. In the coming two years, we want to establish our brand pan-India and emerge as one of the leading providers in the Indian imaging industry. We are clear about our objectives and confident that we will achieve them.”

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