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Shahranpur-based Shri Ram Enterprises is a Growing Wholesaler and Distributor of Leading Imaging Brands

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Founded in 2013, and led by its Proprietor, Mr. Vimal Seth, Shri Ram Enterprises is a Shahranpur (UP) based, growing wholesaler and Authorized Distributor of compatible imaging consumables of the leading brands like Image King, PRM, Growlam, Tirupati, Jet Technologies and UV Infotech.

Mr. Vimal Seth shares, “We distribute toners & cartridges of Image King; printer parts of PRM; laminators and lamination products of Growlam; photopaper and lamination pouches of Tirupati; and also consumables of UV Infotech and Jet Technologies. We have been associated with Image King since 2013 and their products are selling very well in our area. PRM’s cartridge and printer spares are also selling well. Tirupati brand, started recently in 2020, is also gradually picking up in our region. Our focus is mainly on printer consumables, though we also provide copier consumables to a limited extent. In our region, monochrome consumables sell more; and color less. On the color side, inkjet consumables particularly for Epson and Canon are selling well: laserjet color consumables for HP are selling to some limited extent. Barring the pandemic period, we usually grow at an annual rate of 10-15%. Business has been down from March 2020 to July 2021, but now we have recovered to the pre-lockdown levels. Most of our customers come from Shahranpur and the surrounding towns like Dehradun, Muzaffarnagar, etc. We do business based on long-term relationships, trust and transparency. We focus only on selling standard brands and quality products. The main challenges in the market at present are shortages of imaging products and the rising prices due to the problems in imports from China and other countries. We want to improve our business thru whatever brands and products we are currently dealing in. We don’t have any new plans. We hope the supply and pricing situation improves and market demand stabilizes by April 2022.”

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