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Sharp Services Opens Canon Pixma Zone at their Outlet in Surat

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Sharp Services, founded in 2005 in Surat (Gujarat), is an imaging partner providing OEM and compatible imaging consumables. Recently, in Oct 2020, Sharp Services opened Canon Pixma Zone as part of their retail outlet to display and sell Canon printers—inkjet and laser. Sharp Services also sells compatible imaging products, including toners, inks, cartridge and printer parts, of the leading brands like Image Star, Jet Technologies, formujet, etc. They also sell printer machines of other brands like HP, Toshiba, etc. They are partners for Stellar data recovery which deals in recovering data from HDDs of laptops, PCs, etc. The company also does printer repair services and AMC for corporates and other offices.

 Anand Gajjawelli, Proprietor, Sharp Services, shares, “We are glad to become the partner of a big brand like Canon and to display and sell their products. Even before we opened this showroom, we used to sell 25 to 30 Canon machines a month; we hope to sell more Canon products in the coming months. In this showroom, we are displaying 16 models of canon printers (inkjet and laser put together). Our geographical area of coverage is Bharuch to Vapi (South Gujarat). During lockdown, our business was a bit down, but since we have been into providing printer repair and maintenance services for coporates, etc we managed to do some business even during lockdown. We also sell compatibles products of leading brands like Image King, formujet, Jet Technologies, etc at our outlet and maintain good relationship with these brands. We have been growing at an annual rate of 10-12% and our goal is to reach 25% annual growth rate from 2021-22 and maintain that. After the Indian government imposed anti-dumping duty on black toners imported from certain countries, it has pushed up the prices of black toners available in India, but it did not make much negative impact on our business. Our main selling points are good relationship with our customers, excellent service and affordable prices. As a retail partner, we also sell printer machines of HP, Toshiba. With lockdown being lifted, we hope a significant increase in our business in the coming months. We are content with our progress and optimistic about our future.”

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