Sky Enterprises, a Leading Manufacturer of Printer & Copier Parts, Plans to...

Sky Enterprises, a Leading Manufacturer of Printer & Copier Parts, Plans to Expand their Reach In India and also Abroad


Sky Enterprises is been established in 2007 in Mumbai, which has grown significantly even during the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Led by its Founder Mr. Hasmukh Patel (B.E in Mechanical), and his associate Mr. Prabhu Singh Rajput (B.Sc.-IT), the company is a prominent manufacturer, supplier, exporter, importer, and trader of digital photocopier and printer parts. Today, its comprehensive range of products includes toners, toner cartridges (for printers and copiers), OPC drums for digital copier and printers, copier covers, fuser films, rollers, blades and more. Sky Enterprises today has over 500 different products in its portfolio under their brand ‘Bestton.’

In a brief discussion with Imaging Solution, Prabhu Rajput comments, “We have our own manufacturing unit in Nallasopara, Mumbai, where we manufacture copier and laser & inkjet printer parts like gears, trays, rollers, covers, pick-up rubber, cartridge parts, etc. The growing demand for color laser printers and copiers segment is one of the most important aspects and we are mainly focusing on these areas. We import raw materials from quality-proven providers in China and our customers come from all over India. Bestton toner cartridges and toner powders are also in great demand in the market. Our main strength is that as soon as any new printer or copier is launched, our R&D team starts working on it to develop spares and consumables and we deliver the goods fast. In other words, we are always future-ready. Once the 2nd wave of Covid comes under control, we want to establish our Bestton brand in those regions where we have not yet penetrated and want to widen our product portfolio and also enter export markets.”