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Tips from IMAGE KING on How to Make Best out of Lockdown

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Masood Khan, CEO, Image Star Pvt Ltd

From the beginning, our policy has been to grow together with our partners and in sync with other players in the imaging industry! In the current COVID-19 crisis and prolonged lockdowns, we thought of sharing some humble tips to all…

Lockdown period is an opportunity to learn as we find a lot of ME time to correct and improve our methods if we constantly work on them.

Let us spend less time watching TV, especially news, which just adds to your anxiety. Instead, let us spend more time on productive activities.

Instead of guessing what the government will do next, let us plan how we can minimize the impact of lockdown on our own…

China and India may indulge in a trade war in the near future. As a first step, China may modify its credit policy and allow little or no credit to India .. Hence Indian buyers and economy and might shift more towards advanced payment methods…

This is the time for all the partners to clear all their statutory demands like GST/ VAT / INCOME TAX assessments and other pending works.

At the end of the lockdown, we should look back and assess how productively we have spent our time, like learning new things, making new plans, improving remote communication with partners, and so on.

Post lockdown, people are expected to work at new levels of competence and intelligence, so our full concentration should be on how well we can readjust to the new environment and business conditions that are set to emerge…

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