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Tycoon to Focus More on Copier Consumables while their Laser Printer Consumables Business Continues

by Imaging Solution Bureau

The Delhi-based Tycoon Systems is a growing provider of imaging products under the brand name Tycoon. The product portfolio of Tycoon includes printer toners, toner cartridges, OPC drums, inks, and other consumables & their components. Recently, Tycoon added the full range of copier toners, copier cartridges, OPC drums, etc to their portfolio, and they want to focus more on these products in the coming years. The tycoon also sells good quality laminators, spiral binding machines, and laminator consumables. Tycoon Systems was founded in Darya Ganj, New Delhi, in 2020, by its Partners, Mr. Akash Thakur and Mr. Ashish Sharma, with each having over 10 years of in-depth working experience in the imaging printer consumables industry before they founded Tycoon Systems. In an interaction with Imaging Solution magazine, Mr. Akash Thakur and Mr. Ashish Sharma, share their product portfolio, brand policy, and future plans.

Mr. Akash Thakur comments, “Those doing business only in copier consumables were affected negatively during the Covid 2nd wave due to cut in demand from offices and educational institutions, whereas those who were doing business in laser printer consumables were not affected much. Since we were focusing more on laser printer consumables during the last 10 months we were not much affected by the Covid pandemic. With the Covid wave coming down, from now onwards, we want to focus more on copier consumables, while our laser printer consumables business will continue as usual. We purchase good-quality raw materials from reputed traders and importers in India. Great quality, excellent service, affordable prices, and relationships built on trust and transparency are our main selling points. We aim to give the best possible satisfaction to our customers. We started just 10months back (in Sep 2020), but we are getting a very encouraging response from the market. In the last 10 months, we have built a small but dedicated set of 200 channel partners and we want to widen our partner network in the coming times. Our previous experience and contacts we had during the last 10 years when we worked in the industry have helped us a lot to build this network. ”

Mr. Akash Thakur also has another Proprietorship company named Krishna Enterprises founded in 2010 which sells imaging consumables in bulk, unbranded.  Tycoon Systems and Krishna Enterprises function in close association. Tycoon Systems also does remanufacture copier cartridges. Tycoon Systems does extensive research and takes regular feedback from the partners and the market before launching new products.

Mr. Ashish Sharma adds, “With the Covid 2nd wave receding, we have launched a full range of copier consumables, both black and color—copier toners, cartridges, OPC drums, etc for most of the leading copier brands and their models. We want to promote our copier consumables more aggressively from now onwards and gain a decent market share in the coming years. We have a pan-India customer base with most of our sales coming from North and South India regions. Our lamination products are also selling very well. In the future, we want to widen our portfolio adding more products. We will focus more on enhancing our brand visibility, product range and establish our Tycoon brand strongly across India and add more dealers to our network. Our motto is to offer the best possible customer satisfaction. We will strive to cater to the customer needs with greater zeal and zest.”

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