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ZHONO Launches Compatible Chips for Ricoh IM C2500 Series

by Imaging Solution Bureau

ZHONO launches compatible chips for use in the Ricoh IM C2500 series. The chips had been fully tested to insure high reliability and optimal stability. Compared with the previous MP series, the new IM series is Ricoh’s first product based on “smart” MFPs.

Established in 2004, Zhono is now a highly respected industry leader in the research, development and production of laser and digital copier chips for the global imaging aftermarket. Over the last fourteen years Zhono has assembled a top notch R&D team, perfected our production process, and established a worldwide sales network with branches in Beijing, Wuhan, Zhuhai and the US.

Zhono uses ASIC design and System-on-Chip technologies necessary to keep up with OEM chip developments and firmware changes. Zhono also offers a chip reset technology that is far ahead of our peers in the industry.

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