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Zigma Launches Ecommerce Portal for their Products and ‘Zigma Sarvottam’ Toner Witnesses Growing Demand

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Ashish Imports, established in 2007 in Mumbai, is a reputed importer, trader, and supplier of a wide range of photocopiers and printer consumables under their Zigma brand name. Led by Mr. Ashish Joshi, Proprietor, Zigma has a branch in Raipur, Chattisgarh. The product portfolio under Zigma includes toner cartridges, toner powders, printer parts, laminators, binders, paper shredders, currency counting & detecting machines, etc. Zigma provider’s compatible consumables for a wide range of printer machines and models of printers and copiers. In 2020, Zigma launched new toners Zigma Premium, Zigma Platinum, and Zigma Sarvottam for copiers and printers which offer high-quality prints. Of these, Zigma Sarvottam is made of imported toners from Japan and offers supreme quality output.

Mr. Ashish Joshi states, “For Zigma Premium, Zigma Platinum and Zigma Sarvottam, we have variants for printers and copiers. Zigma Sarvottam is getting a very good response from the market. Zigma Sarvottam is a high-quality toner imported from Japan. This actually costs 5% higher than the Chinese toners of similar type but gives great quality output. Even though Zigma Sarvottam is a bit costlier, our clients are showing great interest due to the high quality and consistency it gives. They do not want to substitute it with other toners. We staunchly support the Indian government’s policy to reduce imports from China. We reduced our toner imports from China by nearly 50%. We added several IT products too to our portfolio including keyboard and mouse under our Zigma brand, which include Dell laptops, laptop LED screens, and accessories which are all selling well. Now the share of IT products has increased to 40% of our revenues whereas imaging still forms 60%.”

For industrial printers, Zigma has dye-based inks, sublimation inks, and pigment inks. Zigma’s products are widely appreciated for their accurate dimensions, perfect finishing, user-friendliness, and durability.

Mr. Ashish Joshi clarifies, “Our USPs are our products have high quality, higher page yield, and better consistency compared to market products; and we offer better service and economical pricing. Whenever a new development comes, we quickly incorporate them into the products. During the lockdown, our sales dropped by 25%, but now business is gradually picking up and we hope business will come to normal levels soon. Also, the lockdown has taught us many things like how to work more efficiently by making. Zigma brand provides quality products that give high page yield and consistency at reasonable prices and it is the main motivation for our partners and to the end-users. We mainly import from quality-proven vendors: color consumables from Taiwan and Korea and monochrome from China and Japan. However, we are gradually reducing imports from China.”

Zigma’s purchasing and technical professionals are well trained to identify the right raw materials at the right specifications to meet the varied demands of customers in the corporates, government offices, and other computerized centers. The packaging experts at Ashish Imports use high-quality packing material and deliver the products to the clients in their original state.

Mr. Ashish Joshi concludes, “We had been strong in the West, South and North India regions, but now we are growing well in Eastern India. We have a partner network of 800+ dealers. On the color side, demand for color inks has seen a significant increase during and after lockdown, whereas for laser the demand remained more or less flat. Demand for color inks is expected to go up further in the coming times. In the future, we want to diversify our product range further by adding more products to our portfolio. We have launched our own eCommerce portal where customers can order online and get our products delivered promptly without the hassle of personally visiting our offices, and it is doing fine. However, overall there is some drop in business due to the second Covid wave. We hope Coivd-19 will come under control and things will get normal soon. ”

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