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maging Solution Description and Size (cms) Special Price Monthly
Front Cover Front Cover Page (Size 19.1cms x 19.1cms) Rs 1,50,000/-
Four Colour Front Inside Page (Size 28cms x 19.5cms) Rs 70,000/-
Back Inside Page (Size 28cms x 19.5cms) Rs 75,000/-
Back Page (Size 28cms x 19.5cms) Rs. 90,000/-
Full Page Colour Inside (Size 28cms x 19.5cms) Rs. 55,000/-
Half Page Colour Inside (Size 13.5cms x 19.5cms) Rs 30,000/-
Special Offer False Cover Rs.1,00,000/-
False Cover + False cover inside Rs. 1,50,000/-
False Cover + Back Cover Rs. 1,75,000 /-
Per C/c : B/W @ Rs 200/-
Per C/c : Colour @ Rs 400/-
Material Deadline 14th and 45h of every month
Web Site Advertising Rates:
Banner No. Of Positions Appears On Dimension (In Pixels) Special Price Monthly
Top Banner Ad 1 All Pages 500w x 90h Rs. 40,000/-
Top Middle Banner 1 All Pages 1000w x 150h Rs. 55,000/-
Top Inside Banner(Under Middle) 1 Home Pages 780w x 100h Rs. 40,000/-
Right Box Ad 4 All Pages 180w x 200h Rs. 15,000/-
* All the Amount Must be paid by Cheque/DD in the Favour of “Roy Mediative”
Imaging Solution Ph: 41602841, 65683896, 40536384-87 Mob: 9810380882, 9811346846

Address:38B/56 Block,C.R. Park, New Delhi-110019(India)


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