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AEPL continuously works on toner quality and formulations

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Asterisk Computers Pvt Ltd (AEPL), a Delhi-based company, was formed in 1995. Today, they provide toner powders for laser printer cartridge refilling industry. Earlier refillers in market were using photocopier toner to fill the laser printer cartridges. First time in the country, Asterisk has introduced their AEPL brand machine-wise laser toner.

Later ASTERISK was the first company to develop and promote universal toner concept by the name ‘Super Delux.’  Sanjeev Ahluwalia, MD of AEPL has completed AMIE graduate in Electronics & Communication engineering in 1983 from Institute of Electronics, New Delhi. He was part of the team of VSS Computer Engg Co Pvt Ltd, Mumbai from 1983 to 1989. Preet Ahluwalia, S/o Sanjeev Ahluwalia,  is gradually taking over the reins of the company with expert guidance from his father. Today, Preet Ahluwalia is learning to take care of most of the business operations of AEPL, which were so far taken care by his father.

AEPL’s product range includes laser printers’ monochrome and color toners, inkjet printer black and color inks, OPC drums, wiper & doctor blades, primary charge rollers (PCR), magnetic roller sleeves (MRS), chips, seals, cleaning chemicals and coating solutions, Teflon sleeves, etc. AEPL continuously works on toner quality and formulations, so as to keep pace with the changing imaging industries requirements.

AEPL toners are available in 160 gm, 200 gm and 1000 gm bottles and bulk toners are available in 10 kg bags. At AEPL, they believe in Quality Products & Services. Quality and consistency of their products are the major differentiators that keep them apart from the other players in the imaging industry. AEPL’s experienced and proficient technical team ensures that AEPL always offers the best products today, and creates new breakthroughs for tomorrow. AEPL is always committed to total customer satisfaction through providing consistently high quality products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of the customers. AEPL India has reached heights due to its invariable quality and customer satisfaction.

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