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Bordeaux Releases First Bulk Ink Solution for Epson SureColor S-series Printers

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Bordeaux Digital Printink with proven in-house research and development, release today an innovative Smart bulk ink delivery solution for Epson SureColor S-series printers. The solution uses Bordeaux Mix & Match FUZE ECO SC solvent ink and includes a fully automated chip emulator system that can replace original Epson chips.

The product is manufactured by InkonDemand.com and sold via Bordeaux’s distribution channels globally. Bordeaux’s FUZE ECO SC operates exclusively in Epson SureColor S-series printers and is Mix & Match with original Epson ink without the need for ICC color profiling and enjoys an extensive selection of media compatibility and excellent color accuracy. Offering comprehensive solutions, the new eco friendlier ink, FUZE ECO SC joins Bordeaux’s portfolio as the odorless and nickel free ink for all indoor and outdoor environments.

The first complete solution for Epson SureColor S-series printers include the Smart bulk system, developed in partnership with InkonDemand.com.  The innovative Smart bulk for Epson’s SureColor enable users to replace the OEM chips, monitor ink level with practically 100% accuracy and receive alerts when to replace the ink bag in order to maximize print productivity and reduce ink waste. With the help of this system, printers will be able to significantly cut down expenses on printing and print in high volumes without the risk of running out of ink in the middle of a job.

Bordeaux Digital Printink is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of customer-focused premium ink for inkjet technologies, printing and the graphic arts industry. Bordeaux’s products are recognized worldwide as highly reliable and cost-effective inkjet inks and coatings, for wide and super wide digital printers such as Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, HP and Seiko CP and for all latest printhead technologies such as Xaar, Konica Minolta, Epson and many more.

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