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CIG Launches Mobile Solution for MPS with Axess MPS Tablet App

by Imaging Solution Bureau

The Axess Managed Print Services (MPS) Tablet App from Clover Imaging Group (CIG) is now available in app stores to download for both Apple iPads and Android tablets. Axess MPS is a comprehensive, fully integrated suite of software and services designed to help dealers deliver more profitable MPS solutions. The all-new app enhances and supports Axess MPS dealer offerings including mobile mapping abilities and customized marketing materials.

“The tablet app is another stellar tool we are offering dealers in order to improve the customer experience,” said Aldo Spensieri, vice president of MPS solutions. “Dealers have been looking for a complete mobile tool that can be used for both pre-sales support and to help with assessments, and Clover is excited to be able to fill that demand.”

Mobile MPS mapping with the app allows dealers to map potential environments on their tablet for customers while in their office, demonstrating cost savings onsite and in the moment. The integrated mapping tool allows dealers to upload floor plans and devices as well as place devices in current and proposed states by simply dragging them on the floor plan. The finished maps integrate with CIG’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) pricing tool and print along with the dealer’s proposal.

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