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Discover Imaging Products Announces New Distributor

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Steve Weedon, CEO of Discover Imagine Products, announced that Q2, a distributor of copier products for the aftermarket, will now also become an exclusive distributor for Discover Imaging Products in North America. “We have great synergy between the companies,” Weedon said, “we are only interested in serving our customers better than anyone else and offering only the highest product quality at the lowest possible selling prices.

Q2 will do a great job in handling local North American customer’s needs from their Minneapolis distribution center.” Q2, established seven years ago, are veterans from the copier industry and from Katun Corp, and will now be able to offer an extensive range of laser cartridge and inkjet cartridge parts and supplies to cartridge remanufacturers. Neal Becker, partner and co-founder, said, “We are very excited about this opportunity with Discover Imaging Products, there is a lot of overlap between the copier channel and the cartridge remanufacturing channel and now we can offer our customers in North America a huge range of imaging products.

We, like Discover Imaging Products do not have the ‘empire costs’ that burden traditional distributors and adds to the selling prices, so we can sell great products at lower prices. It is a great model that ensures everyone wins.” Some have called it an Amazon.com mentality, brought to the imaging aftermarket. In these tough times every remanufacturer is looking to save money but will need to keep quality high to keep their customers coming back for more. Whilst large customers can import from Discover Imaging Products central distribution center in Hong Kong, the company is also committed to establishing more country specific distributors who can serve local customer needs around the world.

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