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DocuWare Unveils DocuWare 6 with Web-Based Functionality

by Imaging Solution Bureau

DocuWare has announced the release of DocuWare 6, their latest version. As a standard feature, DocuWare 6 provides the full functionality of its software as a Web-based solution. Numerous add-on modules have also been announced, including its new Intelligent Indexing Service.

This service enhances indexing in the document management market. Employing crowd learning, the new module makes electronic storage much faster than manual archiving. According to DocuWare, the top highlight of the new version is its Intelligent Indexing Service. Without complicated configurations, this Internet service learns independently when each document is stored, using this knowledge to automate future indexing.

This application is well-suited for companies handling a smaller volume of documents of varying types. Intelligent Indexing gathers information from the primary user as well as others using the service. This enables gradual gathering of intelligence in order to automatically capture and index documents correctly, beginning with the first click.

The Intelligent Indexing Service and the new one-click indexing feature are both available to users of an in-house DocuWare system as well as those using the company’s cloud solution, DocuWare Online. DocuWare 6 was also enhanced with several modules that make daily workflows easier, according to DocuWare. These include DocuWare Import, DocuWare CONNECT to Mail, DocuWare Barcode & Forms, DocuWare Request, and DocuWare Workflow Manager, which includes a special graphic workflow designer.

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