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Epson to Continue to Cut Into Laser Segment with High-Capacity Inkjet

by Imaging Solution Bureau

With continuous development of new offerings for the business-inkjet printer market, Epson outlined its latest corporate – and inkjet – strategy in its Mid-Range Business Plan released recently. For its Printing Solutions group, Epson stated that in both the SOHO and office segments, it is continuing to transition away from a business that’s reliant on consumables (ink cartridges) by ‘accelerating the displacement of laser printers and ink-cartridge printers’ with high-capacity ink models such as Epson high-capacity refillable ink-tank printers, as well as high-speed line-head inkjet copier/MFPs for high-volume office use.

In the commercial- and industrial-printer segments, Epson aims to rapidly expand its lineup of products through collaboration with partners, as well as through sales of inkjet print heads to partners. Epson stated that it will work to strengthen global sales company functions under its head-office control, as well as strengthen its B2B solution selling.

Epson’s strategy in the inkjet printer market has been to gradually transition its business model from low-priced consumer models that require high-priced ink cartridges (the “razors-and-blades” model) to higher-priced models optimized for business and with lower-cost consumables and operation. The sales proposition for these new models is that, although they cost more up-front, in the low-run, they cost less because their consumables are priced much less.

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